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Wooden Furniture Images

Needless to say that wooden furniture is an indispensable part of our day to day life. They, specially the wooden bedroom furniture, provide elegance to your bedroom. You not only get the comfort but also add to the luxuries too. Beds, though primitively have often been used only for the purpose of providing comfort to the body, their utilities have changed with time. Most often they are purchased to add to the elegance of your house.
Ever wonder how wooden furniture is kept looking beautiful and in tiptop condition year after year? You can also do it with very little effort. All you have to do is to gain firsthand knowledge of your wooden furniture.But the reward is sumptuous.Just follow these steps.Step one

Dust your wooden furniture daily with a damp cloth. But remember too much moisture is not good for wood. Simply spray a few drops of water on the cloth. Wipe the furniture following the wood grain.

Step 2

If your furniture has white marks which almost all of them have and you must be trying to wipe out with wet cloth, remove them by using a little tooth paste on the cloth. Use only a small amount of toothpaste. It will work wonders.

Step 3

Polish furniture is to be cleaned with liquid furniture polish or with wax. Use the same kind either oil or wax based.You can buy them from any hardware store. Again remember to follow the grain.

Step 4

To remove built up wax use either mineral oil or synthetic turpentine with a soft cloth. Avoid high pressure sprays; they can take moisture out of your wood furniture.

Step 5

Protect your furniture from the extremes of weather. It is best to keep it indoors. Use a coat of oil for extra protection. You may use teak oil which is best for this purpose.

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Wooden Furniture Production Line Wooden Furniture Images

 Wooden Furniture Images

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Wooden Furniture Images